established in 2018


We were both working full time, quite a distance from where we lived, raising two kids, working weekend jobs, taking care of an expensive old house, and doing our best to grow our own food on less than 1/40th of an acre in the city. One night, Scott said to me, “what about farming?” I thought he was crazy. Completely insane. I thought, “why farming?” We’ve built a good life for ourselves here in the city. Our kids have friends at school and we have stable jobs and a house in a decent area. Why change that?

When we took a closer look at our lives, and had several discussions about what was important to us, the answer was clear: this wasn’t the best life for us. We spent over 30 hours per week commuting to and from work and school. We lived on a busy street where the kids couldn't go out of our yard without supervision, and we were always concerned about our privacy. Although I really enjoy my job teaching children, the truth is, we rarely spend time outdoors in nature. We were spending just a few hours per week doing what made us happiest, healthiest, and kept us together with our kids.

We began talking about what life on a farm might entail. How hard the work would be. How different our daily routine would feel, the amount of physical labor involved. But we also talked about feeling the warm sun, smelling the fresh air, hearing the birds, trees and sky, and we unanimously decided that we should totally go for it.

Three years later, we found the farm. It was far from perfect, but the big red barn and rolling hills down to the river stole our hearts away and immediately it felt like home.

We made the leap. The land had been neglected for what seemed like decades. The fields were overgrown with thick, thorny weeds. The pastures were bumpy and oddly shaped. Dead, rotting trees were sprawling across once-cleared pathways, making a walk through the forest an adventure in breaking new trails. We spent the winter cleaning up. We swept and cleared the old barn from hundreds of years of dust, junk, and animal waste. We began cleaning up the dead wood and foliage, the paths to the river, the pine trees with low, scraggly limbs. We put compost around the base of the woody plants like the lilacs and a few fruit trees and installed a fence around what was to become our first 1.89 acre cut flower and vegetable garden.

We travel back and forth, working during the week in the city and spending the weekends at our farm. People often ask if the kids like it here. I tell them they LOVE it, that it’s their happiest place on earth. It’s where we get to be together as a family working outside towards a common goal. An organic-cut flower garden, which soon will be bursting with blooms and buzzing with activity.

Scott and Jennifer